Do You Want To Study and Serve in TIMBUKTU? TUVA? TAIWAN?

The Fund for International Service Learning (FISL) would like to help you get there!

FISL is a non-profit organization that awards scholarships to students enrolled in an international service-learning program. (What is service-learning?) We understand all too well the financial strain that some students face -- an obstacle that can make overseas travel seem impossible.

We want to help you participate in the service-learning program of your choice by providing financial assistance. FISL offers a scholarship in the amount of $500 that can be used for any aspect of your trip: plane tickets, visas, even clothing and equipment that would be essential for the climate and geography.

We happily welcome all qualified applicants! All of us at FISL have traveled abroad, enjoy service, and we want to make international service learning a reality for students who understand the notions of sharing and giving to others.

Learn more about FISL and our work.